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Country million science and technology strong technical force,by the work for many years,electromagnetics,and engaged in radio and television,communication transmitting antenna-feeder system research of the technical staff responsible for product design and development work.

Quality control
Country million science and technology to product quality as the enterprise survival and development,in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2008 quality system operation.
The company strictly raw materials procurement,actively establish and perfect the management,testing,production and service process,ensure that the products
manufactured pass rate of 100%.

Country trillion technology relies on a high level and experienced research team,powerful simulation platform and advanced work and testing means,in a short period of time for customers to produce specifications of the high performance products.

Technical training
Katherine technology and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in close cooperation,for customers to provide practice and exchange opportunities.

Quality assurance and after sale service
china Science and technology provide trillion 5 years of quality assurance,product running regularly collect and use information,the response within 24 hours of customer service requirements.

Country million science and technology will be as in the past,always take the customer as the center,dedicated to the broad masses of old and new customers to provide a full range of the best matching products and services

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